The Highlands Ranch Metro District

The Highlands Ranch Metro District is the local government in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The community has a population of 96,000.

The Metro District’s Municipal Services

  • Construction of major roads
  • Installation and maintenance of landscaping adjacent to major roads
  • Installation of traffic signals and street lights on major roads
  • Construction and maintenance of parks and trails
  • Youth and adult outdoor recreation and sports programs
  • Management and maintenance of extensive non-urban natural open space areas
  • Construction of storm drainage facilities
  • Emergency and fire protection services through a contract with the City of Littleton
  • Water and wastewater services through a contract with Centennial Water & Sanitation District

The Metro District’s Strong Finances

The Metro District is committed to providing quality municipal services while managing resources wisely for the community of Highlands Ranch. The property tax rate is among the lowest in the south Metro Denver area. Management of the Metro District has been recognized by an outstanding bond rating from Standard & Poor’s, which is AA+. This is a rare achievement among special districts, and speaks to the Metro District’s secure finances.

For more information about the Highlands Ranch Metro District, please call 303-791-0430.