Investigation and Discovery

What started as a simple 1,500-square-foot ranch house in 1891 became the palette for each new owner to add to — or subtract from the building they had once owned, eventually creating one of the largest manors in the region with more than 20,000 square feet. There were no building plans and it was clear that every manner of modification had taken place over a period of 90 years. Windows sometimes became doorways, exterior walls were transformed into interior walls, stone face was covered with plaster, and the floors held secrets of how each home of the period was built.

There were many places where the removal of hazardous, unsafe or unstable materials was necessary. In some rooms, however, there was little change apparent to the naked eye. Every effort was made to preserve all architectural elements that were representative of the period and distinctive to the Mansion. Secrets were revealed about the chronology of the home, but not all mysteries were solved. There are still many questions left unanswered, including which owner was responsible for certain improvements and additions.


Early photos of the Mansion show how much change has occurred over the years.

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