Servant’s Quarters

Prior to the Metro District’s 2010-2012 renovations, the area of the Mansion known as the Servants Quarters was arguably in the most disrepair, especially the floor and ceiling. Nearly half of this space consisted of Samuel Allen Long’s 1891 half story upstairs bedrooms, making it part of the oldest section of the home. The next phase of construction took place in the early 1900s when either John Springer or Colonel William Hughes constructed the eastern half, adding approximately four bedrooms to be used as living quarters by the Mansion’s domestic help. A tight spiral staircase leading from the main floor servant’s dining room to the upstairs Servant’s Quarters was also constructed, and servants were henceforth forbidden to use the grand staircase to access floors. In 2010-2012, the Servants Quarters were renovated and converted into administrative offices for Mansion staff.

   Servant 1 After

Before                                                                               After

  Servant 2 After

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