Living Room

Perhaps the most memorable room in the house, the living room has seen several transformations over its 100 year history, reflecting the personalities of various owners. This room was constructed before 1910 by John Springer, who acquired the property in 1897 when he moved from Texas to Colorado with his wife, Eliza. A few photographs of the room and exterior reveal that the south wall of this room was the back of the house and the opening into the dining room was simply a window. The front door to Springer’s Mansion is now a window in the center of the north wall, however, the shape and size of the room have remained unchanged from the original construction.


Fortunately, we have a series of photographs following the 1929 renovation by Frank Kistler.  This work was a transformation of the home from a rustic ranch headquarters to an elegant manor house.  The original fireplace was replaced with an ornate polished sandstone centerpiece that included the building floor plan, date of construction, and ranch brand chiseled into the mantel.  Rooms were added to the south and west, changing this room from the end of the house to the true family room.


The massive clock on the East wall was imported from Italy and supports were built into the building to carry the weight.

Sometime between 1910-1920 a centralized heating system was introduced with a coal fired boiler located in a separate building and small tunnels excavated beneath the living room for the pipes feeding radiators beneath the windows.  Iron covers that enclosed the radiators display a pattern that is repeated in other ornamental features throughout the mansion.


Mansion Living Room 2012

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