East Rooms on the First Floor


This area of the Mansion functions much as it did during Samuel Allen Long’s day, as the hub of the home, an area where visitors are received and welcomed. A jutting wall in the History Lounge identifies the eastern most portion of what was once the living room of Samuel Allen Long’s 1891 home. To get an idea of the length of the original building, imagine this wall extending approximately 50 feet to the south, down the Main Hallway, past the bathrooms and elevator, and ending at the entrance to the Great Hall. The shadow of the original home’s only staircase can be seen angling up this south wall. In the early 1900s, John Springer completed an addition beyond the 1891 home’s east wall, creating what was most likely an office for his extensive ranching operation. Frank Kistler added a large tiled bathroom and enclosed courtyard off of the office during his 1929-1930 renovation. The exposed stone walls of these additions can still be seen in the Mansion’s present day restrooms. The Ladies Restroom, in particular, showcases the green tile formerly located in the office bathroom as well as the courtyard windows.

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