Carriage House

Turn of the century homes often included a separate outbuilding known as a carriage house for storage of horse-drawn carriages and related equipment. While carriage houses in the city were usually small and practical, those belonging to large estates such as this one could be very elaborate and able to accommodate several carriages. It is believed this carriage house was constructed sometime in the early 1900s by John Springer who was known throughout the state of Colorado for his collection of fine carriages and horses. Springer’s Cross Country Horse and Cattle Ranch specialized in the breeding of German Oldenburgs, magnificent coach horses rarely found in the United States. Springer was a sight to behold, trotting around town with four of these rare horses towing his stately carriage behind them.   

Constructed from native stone collected from the immediate area, the Carriage House features six bays, quite large even for an estate of this size. While it was originally designed for John Springer’s carriages, it was later used by all subsequent owners as a garage for their automobiles. Frank Kistler’s 1929-1930 renovations included the addition of heat radiators in the Carriage House.  Now, it’s part of the Great Hall and adds historical charm to events at the Mansion.


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