Creating a Great Hall for Celebrations

The new vision for the Mansion also determined that a large space for gatherings was essential to meet the objectives identified in the master plan. Many options were considered, including expanding the largest room in the house and enclosing existing outdoor spaces.

The option chosen for the best use of existing spaces and minimal impact on the exterior of the current building was to create a Great Hall in the space between the back of the kitchen area and the stone carriage house to the south. This space would allow for social gatherings and public events which could be supported with modifications and additions to electrical, plumbing and cooling systems immediately adjacent to this hall. A new stone wall was built along the east side of this space. The stone wall used materials salvaged from the demolition of other areas of the mansion and materials from the local area, much like the many revisions that had occurred over time to this property.

HRM-PavilionNorth_2[1]  H RR11 GreatHall2

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