Samuel Allen Long

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Samuel Allen Long was born April 6, 1827 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to a patriotic Revolutionary War family. Following college, he became involved in Pennsylvania’s manufacturing business, politics, and was one of the country’s first petroleum refiners. Fans of the board game Monopoly will recall the B&O Railroad (Baltimore and Ohio Railroad), of which Samuel served on the board of directors prior to his move to Denver in 1880.

While in Colorado, he engaged in various enterprises including coal and gold mining, raising livestock, farming and politics. A great booster and promoter of Denver, Samuel made several judicious land purchases in and around the growing city which proved to be extremely profitable investments. 

In 1884, Samuel filed for a 40-acre homestead in northern Douglas County and later eIMG_8983xpanded it to a 2,000-acre farm. By 1891 he had built a modest farmhouse on the property and called it Rotherwood after a boyhood farm. Today, visitors to the Mansion can still locate the word Rotherwood carved in the stone above the front entrance, as well as the year 1891 under an upstairs window.

Rotherwood gained local prominence for its extensive orchards and crops, all grown by Samuel using dryland techniques, an innovative practice involving deep plowing and irrigation by rainfall alone. After several bountiful years at Rotherwood, Samuel sold the farm in 1893 to real estate agents, Orin and Nettie Waid, who placed it on the re-sale market.   

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